Magnificent Montréal moments


I wasn’t kidding about the spider plants in the U-Haul cab.


Photo par Claire, mon amie l’artiste.Image

We made it…well, not quite yet.Image

ImageBased on the colour of this entrance, oui, I could live here!Image

C’est la vie 😀 Chilaxing on the grass next to RADIO CANADA
(the station that kept us alive on the drive from NB)



Out at a farm in Hudson, wishing I were as cool as this turtle.


This was a few blocks away from the cathedral on the site of a building which now serves as a cinéma, I believe.Image


My friend Rachel, who is farming organic produce all summer near Montréal

because she and her bf are awesome like that. Image

Found an authentic well-priced Portuguese restaurant at 5334 Ch. Queen-Mary. The name of the restaurant in itself was enough to make my mind up: I would be eating at this restaurant. The spicy chorizo sausage (chouriço) sandwich, fries, Portuguese style salad, shrimp cakes (only because they were all out of bacalhau, aka codfish) and slightly fizzy passion fruit drink (imported from Portugal) were delicious.

And the chat with the friendly owners was just as memorable. 😀


~If only every métro stop had amazing artwork~


Anyone’s guess on how long this building will be around, until someone decides to do something ‘better’ with the land.Image

I vote them for cutest couple of the city…or at least for most amusing couple to watch.

And then it was time to head home…


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