Internship Orientation Day 1

It has finally/already begun, finally because it was 2 months ago that we applied for the internships and already because we only found out about 2 weeks ago that we had been chosen. The orientation is going pretty well so far and the leaders have been very kind and understanding of our exhaustion (most of us have just arrived in the region yesterday or today).

There are about 15 interns in total, with a few more to arrive soon. We are all females and seem to be getting to know each other well already. We will be working for various NGOs in Atlantic Canada for 5 weeks starting on Monday. We have studied all sorts of degrees from International Development to film making, Environmental Science to Neuroscience. It is surreal to be surrounded by so many young, talented and enthusiastic interns. Just being around them is more valuable (for me anyways) than the travel advice and do-to checklist we went over today, most of which many of us are already somewhat/very familiar with.

We just sat in a circle and shared what we are leaving behind: our friends and families, stress, sleep deprivation, concerns for the future direction of our lives, a whirlwind of activity in the two or so weeks since we found out about our selection for the internships and a certain combination of uncertainties, etc. On to better times 🙂

Now that we are all grouped together for the next 4 days, we will be able to bond before beginning the actual ‘work’ part of the Canadian portion of the various internships in the region. We are at a beautiful conference centre here in Atlantic Canada and we are excited about walks into the nearby historic town and sharing our skills and hobbies with one another, perhaps starting with yoga as taught by one of the interns…tomorrow? I’m excited!

And we found out that we will be leaving for out host countries in the week of July 12 to 19…now it is all starting to really sink in 😀


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