Summer is on the way

Summer can at times feel so far away from the west coast of Canada, especially after a fall/winter of breaking many rainfall records. The sun has come around recently and while people here are skilled at getting out to make the most of it, it is frustrating that the sun doesn’t stay longer. I am doing my best to keep busy and not spend too many hours in front of a computer, but that can be hard as a first year teacher.

Sometimes, looking at pictures of sunnier days helps to brighten my day. Here’s a photo of a magnificent tree in Mexico, one that provided shade for a small park nestled in between two busy streets. Imagine a few dozens birds happily chirping as they enjoyed the coolness of the branches, and every park bench below occupied by people looking for a cool retreat in the hottest part of the afternoon, and you can start to appreciate the beauty of this natural haven. I wish you a cheerful week ahead!


2 thoughts on “Summer is on the way

    • Hi Greta. Somehow I never saw this when you posted it. I bet summer is in full swing by now. Hope you are doing well. Please enjoy the ocean for me! 🙂

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