Explosion of colour

There is so much that I could have written about in the past few months, so many amazing encounters with people and events and music and landscapes. I’m now on the second trip that I had planned as of the last time I posted, and I know I am so fortunate to be here. I am in Bermuda for a cousin’s wedding and things are actually more beautiful in this tiny island paradise than the memories of places I had stored in my head. The last time I was here in the summer was nine years ago. There are no words to describe the vibrant colours of countless plants, lizards, and ocean views, nor that of the non-stop soundtrack, a blending of tiny Bermuda tree frogs, kiskadees and other birds.

Time is passing quickly visiting family and friends, my old school, the capital city, and some favourite beaches, but I couldn’t resist posting this photo. I struggled to take it as this branch was too high for me to properly take a picture of, but I managed to capture this by lifting my camera (phone) and pointing, without actually being able to see what was in the photo. I love that it captures an old Bermuda stone wall, so common, even today along most main roads and many properties.

Thanks for being here–hope you are well.


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